Discovering Faces on the Roads of Houston

Posted: August 7, 2013 in transportation, travelling
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GoGo Charter Bus Services

GoGo Charter Bus Services

The largest city of Texas has seen too many highs and lows. There was a time when people migrated here for a promising future and more employment opportunities at the petroleum industry, during the 1970s. But as the era of 1980 began the prices of petroleum fell and then it was hit by recession towards 1990s.

The administration adopted legitimate measures and tried to branch out to different other sectors, primarily the healthcare and biotechnology stream with the establishment of the Texas Medical Center. As I was touring across this global city in a Houston Charter Bus; I could feel the spirit of the people with which they have fought back the different adverse situations. It was reflected on their faces; different races, varied ethnic and religious backgrounds yet the same ‘Never Say Die’ enthusiasm.

Los Angeles Charter Bus

Los Angeles Charter Bus

I was suggested by a friend that in order to fulfill my pursuit of clicking the ‘best faces amongst the uncommonly common’, this city was the best options. Initially I was reluctant but after I read about the record breaking migrations and evacuation which had taken place in the city; I made my way to Texas.

Indeed my endeavor turned out to be a successful affair; along with a trip to an amazing city filed with life and gusto.


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